Guidelines for Buying the Best Ankle Boots

Many people especially women love wearing ankle boots.  This is because they are stylish and versatile shoes.  Ankle boots can be incorporated very easily into your wardrobe with minimal effort.  In addition to this, ankle boots are good for wearing in all seasons both summer and winter.  You only need to ensure that you have the appropriate boots with a wool lining for the cold months.  During the summer, you ca wear lighter boots.  To some people, it can be an overwhelming task to get the right ankle boots that will complement their clothes and makeup.  This article highlights guidelines for getting the right boots.

Type of Leather

When buying boots, it is important that you consider buying perfect JESSICABUURMAN leather boots.  Although it may seem difficult, it is advisable to search for boots made out of real, genuine cowhide.  There are many imitations in the market that look good too, and it may be hard to differentiate between them and the genuine cowhide boots.  Therefore, check for the "Genuine Cowhide" label to ensure that you are buying the best.  Such boots need little maintenance, are strong, water resistant and are very durable.


You should also check the workmanship of the ankle boots you choose to purchase.  Check whether the soles are firmly attached to the upper.  You should also be keen with the stitching and see whether the seams are strongly stitched.  It is also better to avoid clasps, buckles, and zippers when buying boots since they are likely to break.  Instead, buy a plain, pull-on boot since that will last forever with nothing to break. To get some facts about shoes, visit

Heel Size

It is wise to buy a medium heel sized ankle boot.  You should avoid buying boots which have a very high heel or a flat heel.  When you buy from these extremes, you will reduce the versatility of the boots.  Thus, purchase a boot whose heel is around one or two inches high.  The boots should also be stable to enable you wear them with many types of clothing and for almost any activity.

Plain Vs. Detailed

If you want your boots at to be very versatile, it is crucial that you consider buying plain boots.  You should not buy boots with a lot of fussy detail.  Embroidery, patterns, buckles may look nice, but they will make it hard for you to pair them with some clothing.  Therefore, look for plain leather boots made of high-quality leather, and they will look great and last a lifetime.